Carol Sabo
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I have been an artist and calligrapher for over 40 years. While exploring all kinds of mediums, I always came back to my love of the letter form and the use of watercolor to compliment the words. I became a member in many local, national and international art guilds and organizations. In the 1980’s I did as many as 26 art shows and exhibits, juried and non-juried, annually that developed my own clientele.

While accumulating many awards and recognition’s I began speaking and doing demonstrations on TV and to local groups. Since then, I have owned three Art Galleries, a Gift Shop and a Coffee Shop, all of which exhibited and sold my artwork as well as other artists.

Since 1995 I worked on many corporate and personal commissions as well as a calligraphy book of original religious poems. I authored and illustrated a cookbook of my family recipes. My medium usually consists of watercolors, inks, gouaches for miniatures and acrylics on canvas. My acrylics are bright, bold and colorful. I developed a thick edge on the petals of my flowers giving them a unique 3-D effect so they play with the light as well as giving them texture. Being inspired by Georgia O'Keefe at an early age, I love getting up close and personal with nature.

As a realist I’m very detailed with my watercolor miniature paintings. I like to capture an almost photographic quality of memories of years gone by. Yet, with my acrylic paintings I love to get bold and bright with my colors and sometimes I inject a bit of humor with my whimsical southwest.

As one of the winners in the Graceful Envelope Contest in 2003, our paintings remain on exhibit at the Smithsonian in the Postal Museum. I also won “Honorable Mention” in the Campbell’s Art of Soup Contest. But since moving from Ohio to Arizona in 2003 I sold my work in Old Town Scottsdale as a resident artist, painting on site and in Carefree. I was in 'Best of Scottsdale' 2005 and sold over 14 canvases that summer.

In 2007 I prepared 65 of my paintings archived to make into Limited Edition GiClee’s. I am presently looking for a publisher/or gallery to represent my work and take exclusivity. My Artist Bio, Statement and Certificate of Authenticity come with every original painting I sell. In the mean time I continue to paint and enter as many competitions as I can each year.

Since I was sixteen I have always been creative. Like eating, breathing and sleeping, painting is a necessity of life for me. The joy of painting is only second to the joy I get when people view/buy my artwork. “I'm a happy lady and enjoy making people who view my work, smile.”

Carol Sabo

Scottsdale,AZ 85254

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